The Life Insurance Handbook

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Term life insurance. Whole life. Variable and Universal life insurance. The list of choices for insurance products continues to grow – along with the different uses and tax implications associated with each. Despite the dizzying pace of change in the industry, every financial professional must understand the different types of insurance available – and the considerations for purchasing them.——————————————————————————-Now – the Society of Financial Professionals teams up with tax and estate planning expert Lou Shuntich to bring you a practical new reference guide that is both compact and comprehensive. Concise and to-the-point, this handbook provides the latest industry information on:· The legal aspects of acquiring and owning a policy· The types of products and contracts available· Simple criteria for evaluating and comparing policies and insurance companies· The tax implications of each product type· Structuring policies, ownership arrangements and beneficiaries for maximum tax and legal benefits – and tips for avoiding traps and pitfalls in the processWhile not an exhaustive account of the industry – it’s an excellent primer that covers the key concepts necessary when advising clients or analyzing portfolios and estates. And in keeping with the Society of Financial Professionals’ steadfast commitment to providing continuing education to the industry, The Life Insurance Handbook is the perfect learning tool for keeping busy financial professionals and their clients up-to-date.

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